Uncle Paul’s Story Book grew out of the request from parents who were looking for stories that taught Biblical principles through the media of children’s stories.

The book contains twelve stories which incorporate teaching on just how relevant God’s Word can be in children and teenagers every day lives. The stories will appeal to a wide range of children especially if read by their parents and the principles discussed.

Uncle Paul Story Book –  
by Paul Targett
Price(AUD): $20.00

PARENTS ARISE  by Janine Targett

Soft cover

How do you teach your children God’s principles in a way that is fun, relevant and will become an integral part of your child’s life?

Janine’s quest to answer this question began in the family lounge room, where the children discovered the power of learning Scripture through music and then applying its principles to everyday life.

The stories in this book are just some of the amazing miracles that the Targett family experienced, as they learnt to apply God’s Word to their daily lives. (see Janine’s Testimony)

NEW ‘Coffee-Table Style’

May you be inspired and encouraged to see the power of God’s Word at work in your own family!

Parents Arise in soft cover – 
by Janine Targett
Price(AUD): $20.00

Parents Arise in ‘Coffee-Table Style’ – 
by Janine Targett
Price(AUD): $30.00
or go to for more info, excerpt and to purchase through Balboa Press for AU$33.20. Also available at on Kindle for AU$7.99.

Reviews about the book:

It is a privilege to highly recommend Janine’s book ‘Parents Arise’. I have personally observed Paul and Janine weaving the truths of God’s Word into the lives of their children through riveting stories and catchy melodies. Like golden threads that remain for a lifetime these verses have become a part of their lives and have been a source of wisdom, instruction and comfort. Join the growing army of families who desire to raise up children strong in the Lord and in the knowledge and application of His Word.

– Merrilyn Billing, senior pastor, Zions Hill Church, Tasmania

NEW – TEENAGERS ARISE  by Janine Targett

teenagers arise

A light-hearted account of the journey the Targett family went on when they opened their home to the ‘friends of their teens’.

May the stories inspire parents everywhere to do like-wise.

Teenagers Arise –
by Janine Targett
Price(AUD): $20.00


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