paul janPaul and Janine Targett are proud parents of three married children and grandparents of seventeen grandchildren. They live in Launceston, Tasmania.

Paul is a Medical Scientist and holds a Fellowship in Biochemistry and Janine is a qualified Primary School Teacher. She made a decision early in her marriage to stay at home and make raising their family her full time career.
Paul retired early from a Laboratory Management position to spend more time, with Janine, doing what they love best – teaching on families and marriage.

Paul and Janine believe that one of the most important, challenging, and also rewarding jobs is being a parent. Their desire is to see families strengthened and encouraged to follow God’s Ways.

They have been sharing with young parents through Parents Arise weekend courses, principles they have proven to be effective in their own family life. They have also been involved in producing a range of resources for parents including a recently released book, ‘Parents Arise’.

Janine, her children and now some grandchildren are continually composing music to Scripures. Many of these songs can be found on the Children Arise C.D.s  Combined, they have composed well over 300 Scriptures to music.

The Children Arise CDs have been distributed world wide over the last 20 years. and Janine’s book, ‘Parents Arise’,  tells of the stories behind the songs and many of the amazing miracles and adventures the family had as they learnt to put Scriptures into practice as a family.

The 6 week Course ‘Parents Arise – Raising Children God’s Way’ presented by Paul and Janine gives parents practical tools to use as they teach their children Scripture through music and learn to put it into practice in their daily lives. The accompanying Manual is the parent’s resource to keep and refer to – it also gives insight into the personality of each child and how best to teach them God’s ways according to their temperament.

Paul, an enthusiastic storyteller, has begun the first of what will eventually become a series of stories parents can use to help give practical application to each Scripture taught in music. His book is titled, ‘Uncle Paul’s Story Book.’

Music for Volumes 1 to 4 is in print and the plan is to produce music for many more Scriptures and make it available for other families to use.
Parents Arise is a non-profit ministry. Profits are used to further the ministry of teaching and strengthening families in God’s ways.



Paul & Janine Targett




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